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Wisdom cards to the book "Bring your emotions into balance with essential oils" (in German)

With these wisdom cards you can invest even more in your emotional balance. In a journal you write down the answers to the profound wisdom questions appropriate to each essential oil, making them particularly powerful. You will be able to reread the necessary changes for yourself over and over again and continue to grow in your emotional stability and emotional wisdom. Each day, draw a card from the set and discover which oil is most important to you.

Take 1-2 drops of the corresponding oil on your hands, rub it and inhale the scent intensively for a few minutes. Then rub your hands over the back of your neck so that the remaining essential oil can work there.

On the front of each card is the theme and affirmation of the oil. Then read the wisdom questions on the back of the card and answer them in your journal.

In this way, you can regularly tackle a new theme and develop yourself further, and at the same time use the corresponding oil in your diffuser during the day to let the effective fragrance molecules accompany you in your transformation process.

These wisdom cards lead you even closer to yourself and you support your growth process by working regularly - so that you develop more maturity and wisdom emotionally and spiritually. This affects all areas of your life and ensures happy relationships, more success in your profession and a much freer life.

Publication: 2019, Thorsten Weiss (Author)



Contents44 wisdom cards with instructions in a folding box (GERMAN)

Dimensions: 11 x 11 cm


Wisdom Cards ("Weisheitskarten") for Emotional Balance (GERMAN)

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